When an incomplete commercial vehicle has been built in Spain by a manufacturer, we process an individual multi-phase homologation to validate the whole.

Vehicle reform and approval


With the introduction of mandatory compliance with Directive 2007/46/EC for all categories M, N and O, the Homologation of said vehicles is necessary for their registration and putting into circulation.

In addition to type approval and short series approval, the Directive establishes measures that allow vehicles to be approved individually, to provide sufficient flexibility to the multi-phase approval system.

For its part, Royal Decree 750/2010 complements these measures by regulating the administrative procedures so that vehicles can receive Homologation in Spain.

Preparation of the technical report for Individual Homologation

Our experts offer you technical assistance with the preparation of the inspection report and carrying out tests related to the Individual Homologation for completed vehicles.

In this way, the vehicle's compliance with the requirements established, for individual homologation, in the R.D. is verified. 750/2010 of June 4

What do I need to obtain the report for Homologation?

  1. Completed individual approval applications.
  2. Technical report of the completed vehicle prepared by the last phase manufacturer requesting approval.
  3. Reduced Form(a) particularized for the vehicle to be inspected according to formats provided in the annexes to D. 750/2010 (modified by Order ICT/1212/2018, of November 12).
  4. Collaboration agreement between manufacturers, substitute report issued by the manufacturer of the first phase or Copy of the approval certificates or alternative requirements of the Regulatory Acts applicable to the vehicle and required for its approval.
  5. Photo of the manufacturer's plate, die-cut identification number and ¾ front and rear photos.(b)
  6. Registration Document in the Registry of Manufacturers of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the vehicle manufacturer. 
  7. Document that shows that the manufacturer has obtained a report referring to the conformity control of production (issued by the UCA).

(a) LTR DOES NOT issue the Reduced Technical Data Sheet. You can go to the vehicle manufacturer, as well as to specialized technical offices, competent engineers or technicians, who are familiar with vehicle approval and who are qualified to issue this type of document.

(b) A front ¾ photo is a photo taken from one of the front corners of the vehicle and the rear ¾ photo is another photo taken from the opposite corner to the one taken from the front, this way with 2 photos you can see the entire exterior of the vehicle.

¿You have doubts about your Homologation?

Ask us and we will contact you


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